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IPoserDMS is a web-based Document Imaging System, which allows users to access valuable information, anywhere, anytime. Developed in co-operation with other MFP/Hardware manufacturers, users can easily configure a MFP/Hardware device as an A4/A3 high-speed document scanner and digitize your documents into the IPoserDMS system effortlessly. Without any limitation in how the information is updated to the system, the support of mobile devices also provides an easier and convenient method which an user can upload, retrieve and even approve a document on the road ....

How the information is organized in IPoserDMS?

  1. Applications contain documents
  2. Each document has one or more index fields in which the document is labelled
  3. Document consists of one or more pages (or objects)

Summary of Key Features

Support of all Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB functions from any brand MFP

Wide variety of files other than scanned images can be uploaded and filed in the applications

Different applications can have different index fields as defined by administrator

Users can be assigned with different rights to access different applications for searching, printing, modifying, etc….

User Security Control

Receive update patch automatically when linked up with the Internet


Ease of managing numerous files

Save time and space to retrieve

Support of different levels of concurrent clients

No learning curve in how to use (Web browser client)

Support unlimited number of applications

Employ Industrial Standard MySQL database engine

Multilingual support (such as English, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Dutch etc..)

Flexible application creation and suitable for all industries based on their unique filing requirements

No dedicated technical staff for administration and support

Entry level with 20 Concurrent Users License plus additional single user license
Upgradeable to : Enterprise Edition (Unlimited Concurrent Users License) Project-based only!

How does it help business?

IPoserDMS® Web-based Imaging System delivers fast, impressive returns on investment.

Reduce Technology Costs

Quick deployment and integration
Easy administration and maintenance
Leverage of existing IT infrastructure

Boosts User Productivity

Transparent, open access to stored data
Intelligent access via indexed search/retrieval
Shared access for e-collaboration
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