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A web-based Document Imaging System, which allows users to access valuable information, anywhere, anytime. Developed in co-operation with other Multifunctional Peripheral/Hardware manufacturers, users can easily configure a MFP/Hardware device as an A4/A3 high-speed document scanner and digitize your documents into the IPoserDMS system effortlessly .....

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Subject to the dynamic changes to the business environment, our IPoserDMS offers a standard package to cope with the majority of the user requirements, however, customization to tailor made for some specific flow or task, this is also one of our core competence in fulfilling the marketplace .....

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Case Studies

Presented with different scenarios of how to control the flow and management of documents in an organization, this is specifically designed to give an example in regards to how, when, what, and where you can make use of our IPoserDMS to give support at specific instance .....

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